As a package, this template gives you twenty-five unique slides, all of them has 16:9 aspect ratio, widescreen layout. Aug 19, 2020 - You’re from the entertainment industry and need a theme to present your new movie, game, music release, or any type of event? You can easily do it with … Gain the most benefit from WordPress for educational purposes by mastering its many add-on features. H5P software is open source under the MIT License with the code available on GitHub. Wish my institution would use WordPress. Head over to the WordPress admin area and edit the post or page where you want to add your Google Slides presentation. ( Log Out /  As you can see, below is my first interactive presentation that I have created, which talks about long distance relationship. Educator, education technology specialist,  entrepreneur, open source advocate. Start by adding a title for this new interactive image, so you can easily remember it. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Since you want to create a multiple-choice quiz, look for the Multiple Choice option and click Get to its right. Not only will your audience less likely doze off, tinker with their phones or daydream but as a presenter, you can also be relieved of anxiety facing a crowd that’s more enthusiastic and dynamic. If you have any comments, let me know by writing your thoughts on the comment section below! Now you're ready to insert the quiz exactly where you want it to appear in your post. Red Hat and the Red Hat logo are trademarks of Red Hat, Inc., registered in the United States and other countries. M.A. The first step is to install the plugin. In this article, I will show how to use H5P in WordPress to create a reading comprehension quiz for students. Zembula is an interactive content creation platform for email, SMS, and social media.Our first interactive content type, Scratch-it, is a digital scratch-off that reveals a hidden image and call-to-action. Team Yoast 10,000+ active installations Tested with 5.5.3 Updated 4 months ago Document Embedder – Embed Word, excel, Powerpoint, Pdf and more.. (48 total ratings) and correct and incorrect answers, and select the correct answer in the dialog box. What if you could find out what your audience is thinking while … Build interactive presentations using simple drag-and-drop techniques and combine them in seconds with our advanced widgets. iDecide presentations set you apart with stunning graphics, real time data, calculators, the viewer’s name… all IN your presentation, and much much more.Oh yeah, and iDecides are fully interactive so the viewer chooses what THEY want to see, not what you’re forcing. You can now save or update your post/page. An interactive online presentation with real-time feedback. Exhibitions - Interactive Presentations. Fill in the required fields (marked with a red asterisk)—give your quiz a title (e.g., "Road Not Taken Quiz"), enter a question (e.g., "Who wrote, 'The Road Not Taken'?") Some of these ideas rely on Poll Everywhere, a live audience response system that lets you ask the audience a question and show live results. Get the highlights in your inbox every week. Create podcasts, online lectures, tutorials, and other teaching resources for learning at home with open source tools. It is incredibly effective and uses several principles of psychology that influence human behavior like curiosity, FOMO, and the Near Miss Theory. WordPress is best known as a website content management system, but it also a great learning management system (LMS) for delivering online courses. The design of Slake will help you create a memorable web hosting company website with WordPress. Uploading to an FTP server. Our site is great except that we don‘t support your browser. Create a new post to hold your PowerPoint presentation by clicking the "Add New" link under "Posts" … Up next, learn more about how to create the best event seating plan, and get ideas for the best event and meeting icebreakers. If you are looking for something different that seamlessly combines interactive, engaging presentations … The opinions expressed on this website are those of each author, not of the author's employer or of Red Hat. The results can be viewed instantly on the screen and can be exported for further use in a PDF or Excel file. Johanna Aronsson 2019-09-03. Course presentations contain slides where you can add various multimedia- and interactive elements to engage the learner. It turns out that making interactive presentation is not complicated as I thought since I only need to apply hyperlink for several shapes or text, so that when the viewers click on it, it will shift to the slide that I appointed to where it does not necessarily go to the next slide. Now you want to test your students' comprehension with an HTML5 interactive content embedded below the poem. Hence adding some of the best WordPress plugins for blogs will definitely help it grow and reach out more. Transcript: Cushioning the door Beautiful and functional Interactive art Dean of C.A.M.D C.A.M.D students C.A.M.D teachers Anyone who uses stairwells in Ryder Each door is aprox. Create interactive content in WordPress with the H5P plugin Install the H5P plugin. Markus and I have discussed several polling and assessment apps over the years including Socrative (February 2016), Kahoot (June 2016), Google Q&A (April 2018), Polleverywhere (September 2018), (May 2019), GoSoapBox (September 2019) and Formative (November 2019). Using interactivity during your presentation is a sure way to engage your audience. in Educational Psychology, MSED in Educational Leadership, Linux system administrator, CCNA, virtualization using Virtual Box. On the post editor screen, you will need to switch from Visual to Text editor and then paste your code in the editor. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. H5P should now appear in the list of installed plugins. Try it out by signing up for a free account today. On this page, you can create interactive design on new or previously uploaded images. Our entertainment WordPress themes have everything you need to create a modern, engaging and fully functional website dedicated to entertainment — from interactive presentations and modern project showcases, to video integration and music players. Hello, everyone! Click on each of the green strips of grass to move the ball. WORDPRESS OVERVIEW 4 WordPress is an open-source and free Web publishing application, content management system (CMS) and blogging tool built by a community of developers and contributors. The topic that I chose to present is also considered interesting since most of my friends have or had the issue with LDR, hence I want to bring that awareness by supporting the statement with real life examples. These 7 plugins let you display interactive images on your website: 20+ WordPress Plugins for membership sites Image Map Pro: an interactive … The palette color for the presentation is also intentional by providing only pink color that represents love and with additional basic colors of black and white for some of the text, so that the presentation format is simple yet understandable as it matches the theme. Easily embed SlideShare presentations into your WordPress posts by using the SlideShare embed code. You are responsible for ensuring that you have the necessary permission to reuse any work on this site. Course presentation enables you to author and deliver your course material directly in your browser. Change ). aspires to publish all content under a Creative Commons license but may not be able to do so in all cases. This helps create a more engaging presentation and gives you the ability to facilitate and lead a discussion around your topic. ( Log Out /  Next, you need … Online web presentation tools come with a variety of features that can help you in creating a professional presentation. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.
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